The London Strollers

Short Walks for Busy People

AGM 2016

Minutes of London Strollers Annual General Meeting

15 October 2016 3.30pm

The Mad Hatter Pub, 3-7 Stamford Street, London SE1 9NY


Committee Members:

Walks Coordinator Les Douglas

Treasurer Mike Biggs

Membership Secretary Christina Lee

IT Officer Martin Shrimpton

Secretary Elena Fuller

London Strollers Members & Associate Members:

Keith Southam

Derek Purcell

Mervion Kirwood

Kathleen Newton

Julia Lindmzyer

Anne Ossowska


No apologies, all committee members were in attendance.

Minutes of Previous Meeting

Keith Southam noted a mistake on the previous minutes, under IT, 5th paragraph down where it reads;

It was also noted that other walking groups such as Sutton and Croydon ask members to book on a walk in advance…

Keith Southam corrected the secretary that Sutton and Croydon groups take advance bookings only when a group number is restricted. Other than this the minutes of the meeting held on 17 October 2015 were approved by Mervion Kirwood and seconded by Les Douglas.

Walks Report – Les Douglas

Les Douglas reported another successful year. There were 114 walks this year over 90 walks last year, with 15-16 walk leaders which included many new walk leaders. All Thursday walks in the Oct – Dec 2016 programme had been filled. It was noted that group numbers had shot up from 16-30. It was discussed that we should record the group numbers on each walk.

ACTION: Les to contact walk leaders and ask them to report back the number of people they had on their walk.

Les wanted to thank all the volunteers who lead walks for the London Strollers programmes in 2016.

Membership Report – Christina Lee

Secretary Elena Fuller read out the following report on Christina Lee’s behalf:

Last notice from Ramblers on member list - 140 as of 1 Oct 2016 (up from 133 members in 2015). The group receive on average about 10 enquirers a month on walks and memberships. We received an email from a member complaining the walk pace was too fast, and could not catch up. Hence, for some enquirers looking for slow walks, I (membership secretary Christina Lee) have suggested them to select those with exit points, and discuss with the walk leaders in advance.

One walker asked if she can bring along her dog to the walk. The membership secretary also noted - I am also sending some hard copies of our walk program to Ramblers (central office), at request of their membership secretary.

It was also noted that 67 hard copies currently go out to London Strollers members (almost half of the entire group of members).

Moving to a digital version of the programme for ALL group members was discussed but agreed it was not feasible as many members to do not have access to printers and rely on the printed copies we send out.

IT & Social Media Report – Martin Shrimpton

The London Strollers website is in need of updating to make it more compatible with mobile phone web access and android.

Martin also noted that no one appears to be managing the London Strollers Facebook and twitter pages. Mervion Kirwood added that someone needs to monitor our social media pages to make sure no one is using them for advertising and to check the photos being uploaded. Mike Biggs also noted that as London Strollers is not a particularly interactive social group, constant maintenance of our social media sites was not required, but could benefit from monitoring.

The question of who loads up the walks on the Ramblers website was asked. It’s since been established that Sue Themistocleous does this.

ACTION: Martin to clean up the website.

ACTION: Committee members to take a look at the website and report any possible changes to Martin.

Treasurer’s Report for 2015 - 2016 – Mike Biggs

As in previous years, there has been very little activity on the account. At the start of the year (1 Oct 2015), we had £824.68 in the account; at year-end (30 Sep 2016), this had reduced to £681.06 – a difference of £143.62.

It should be noted, however, that the cost of the September mailing had not been claimed by the end of the Financial Year, but based on the average cost of the previous three mailings, this should bring our effective running costs to around £200 for the year. Income has been minimal – just £0.70 in bank interest.

Unless membership numbers show a substantial increase in the forthcoming year, it should prove possible to continue without claiming group support grant from Central Office for a year or two.

Mike Biggs also went through the London Strollers Cashbook for 2015/16. Both his report and the cashbook were sent out to all members prior to the AGM.

Election of Committee

The election of the committee for the forthcoming year was voted in by all attendees and approved as follows:

Approved Seconded

Walks Coordinator: Les Douglas Martin Shrimpton Christina Lee

Treasurer: Mike Biggs Elena Fuller Martin Shrimpton

Membership Secretary: Christina Lee Les Douglas Mike Biggs

IT Officer: Martin Shrimpton Les Douglas Mervion Kirwood

Secretary: Elena Fuller Les Douglas Mike Biggs

Other Committee Members: Keith Southam Elena Fuller Martin Shrimpton

Other Committee Members: Mervion Kirwood Elena Fuller Martin Shrimpton

The positions of Chair and Publicity Officer remain vacant at this time.

Any Other Business

We discussed the question of how we contact our members who do not have email access to report changes to a walk. Les Douglas informed the attendees that where a walk has to be cancelled an occasional mail out to those members with no internet access will be made.

Mervion Kirwood asked who would be the correct person to contact if a walk leader cannot lead their walk. Les Douglas replied that he would be the correct person to contact in that situation. It was noted that Mike Biggs could also be contacted.

Mervion Kirwood noted it would be good idea to have a list of emergency numbers for the London Strollers in future.

The discussion on how to gain more committee members was not addressed.

The meeting ended at 4.35pm.

Thursday, January 18, 2018